To Get More Twitter Followers, Buy A Clock

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Everyone wants more twitter followers. Some people will even buy twitter followers to get things going. But many overlook the simplest way to ensure they’re collecting as many followers as they possibly can: Make sure you post often, and at the correct time of day for your audience.

You could post the most interesting content and links on your twitter stream, but if everyone is asleep when they hit, you’re going to be very lonely. You’ve got to post a regular stream of content throughout the day, and meter them in when people are most likely to see them.

The ideal times for attracting potential twitter followers is just before work begins, around 9 AM, and again when quitting time rolls around, around 5 or 6 PM. Don’t overlook lunchtime, either, as everyone puts down their TPS reports and scans social media while they wolf a sandwich.

You could meter in your tweets an hour at a time as the time zones march across the continent, catching each zone’s prime hours one after another, and that way you’ll have something for everyone at just the right time. If you’re on the west coast, you’ll have to get up early or subscribe to a service to meter your tweets in at the appropriate time.

To Post or Not to Post

You may have read our previous post that introduced this series. But if you missed it, let us catch you up! Instagram gives you the artistic freedom to post anything your heart desires! But sometimes your heart may have trouble deciding what’s appropriate to share with the world and what should probably be kept to yourself. So we’re developing a handy guide to help you decide!

Situation #2: You and your friends

  1. To post- You should definitely share pictures of you and your friends on Instagram! It’s a social media app, it’s designed to share pictures of your social life. So go ahead and snap some photos of your adventures! From the Sunday morning hike, to a fun evening at the ice cream shop, show Instagram some of the fun your group gets into.
  2. Not to post- Obviously we all enjoy the occasional drunken night out. There’s nothing quite like knocking back a few drinks and dancing on a table sometimes! But that’s probably something that should stay between you and your fellow partiers. Posting photographic evidence of drunken decisions will most likely lead to regret (imagine if your boss stumbled upon that pic!). Buy instagram followers to gain more popularity overnight.

Combat Obesity Naturally With Natural Fruit Extracts That Curb Cravings and Appetite


Obesity is a common issue today. There are many individuals dealing with problems due to being overweight or obese. Obesity is a threat to our health since it affects blood pressure, causes ailments related to the heart and is the most common cause of diabetes. Obese individuals lack agility as their body weight takes its toll on them. Their movements become slow and they tire very easily. Also their self esteem starts to dwindle because sculpted bodies are being advertised everywhere and the stark contrast can be quite depressing for them.

Regular exercise and a controlled diet free from junk food keep one healthy. But for an already obese individual exercise is an ordeal since exhaustion occurs very soon. Even if such individuals start exercising they give up very soon since exercising is a painstaking measure. Individuals who have a hectic life are unable to dedicate time to exercise or watch their diet. Other health related and physical problems can also act as an obstacle.

The only all natural weight loss supplement available today, contains extracts of Garcinia Cambogia which is a fruit that abundantly grows in parts of Asia, Australia and Africa. It is small, green, sour, and resembles a pumpkin. The rind of this fruit is rich in hydroxycitric acid. This is the active element present in garcinia supplements. This supplement is available in the form of capsules. Taking these capsules 30 minutes prior to the three major meals of the day helps stifle one’s appetite and cravings. Once hydroxycitric acid enters our system it reduces the production of enzymes that store sugar in the form of unhealthy and unsightly body fat. This all natural fruit extract helps in increasing the metabolic rate of one’s body and it is common knowledge that, when food is digested quickly calories also burn quickly. Hence after starting to take these capsules regularly one will not gain any weight or fat, regardless of their diet and the amount of time spent in physical activities. Garcinia supplements are undeniably a godsend for those obese individuals who require it.